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flats for sale in vizag

Sai Priya Layout

3 BHK Apartment in Madhurawada, Vizag

flats for sale in vizag

Ramachandra See Park

3 BHK Apartments in Yendada, Vizag

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flats for sale in vizag

Gajuwaka - 4 Projects

2 BHK available

flats for sale in vizag

Madhurawada, - 3 Projects

3 BHK available

flats for sale in vizag

MVP Colony - 1 Projects

2 BHK available

flats for sale in vizag

PM PALEM - 6 Projects

2 BHK & 3 BHK available

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  • flats for sale in vizag

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  • flats for sale in vizag

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Property Finding

The home hunting process is now revolutionized as our team works toward bringing you everything on your fingertips. We have it covered for you be it any city in India. Your property finding needs are taken care of soon as you turn to us. The developers of our company track records of a variety of properties and make them easily available for you. We’re a source you can actually rely upon because customer satisfaction is the sole motto of our entire group.

The entire process of negotiating with the best agents or brokers, finding, going and checking the property, vigorous negotiations for best prices is a mammoth task in itself. To make it easier for you we have scaled down a range of real estate properties in India.

With the fall in the home loan interest rates the country has seen quite a rise in its demand for private and commercial properties. Since home loans are easily available and the interest rates are much affordable today the demand for real estate properties has surged. Read more..

flats for sale in vizag

flats for sale in vizag

Property Site Visit

The property becomes yours while the responsibility becomes ours. From finding you the variety of properties according to your taste and making it more than easy for our clients to take a tour of the property for its full inspection is made easy by our entire team. A site visit can help a buyer ascertain the genuineness of claims made by the developer. Visiting the site can help the buyers ascertain all land ownership.

A homebuyer can check a number of things by visiting the site. They can check the kinds of materials that's been used in its construction, they can check the progress of their soon to be possession. Regular visits to the project site can help a buyer check the peace and progress of construction. A homebuyer can inspect the amenities available at the property site. He can check if the amenities match the layout plan presented by the developer. Matching the sales pitch to the ground reality help clients decide the developer's authenticity and transparency.Read more..

Property Booking

Once your full inspection of your selected property is done, the property booking agreement is presented to you for clarification of all possible doubts. Our real estate lawyers in the team focuses on delivering you important messages regarding your legal rights towards the property.

It is highly important to be aware of the terms and conditions mentioned in the booking agreement and also if you do not agree with any point or clauses you’re given the choice of using your personal individual right to negotiate and get it modified. The homebuyers will enter into an agreement for sale first and then pay the booking amount. The advantage they get is that they are then aware of each and every detail of the project as well as the terms and conditions before making any payment to the developer. Read more..

flats for sale in vizag

flats for sale in vizag

Home Loan

There are different kinds of home loans options that are made to suit each unique situation. These are done to make homebuying affordable for prospective clients. Imparting life to buying a home of your dream requires a lot of effort from the buyers’ end and the best one can do to accommodate the home in their budget is through a home loan.

The developers this side makes it simple for you to borrow a certain amount of money from bank or any other companies lending. You can take home loans to buy properties that are either commercial or personal in nature.

While you go for a home loan our team extracts information relating to your credit score. Credit score is the client's overall credit profile expressed in terms of numerical digits. It has all the informations including the records of all your borrowings and also your reports of repayments. Read more..

Property Valuation

While purchasing a property or a home the most complex activity to be taken place is the discovery of affordability and value. To find out the peak of value your property is going to reach in the near future is made easy as our in house team explains it to you by desktop valuation or it is done through our expert registered valuers.

Discovering the rental value of a property keeping in mind the maximum value it can fetch each year can only be delivered by our platform that provide these services to individuals, corporates and large institution.

While investing on a property, not just the current value of it that matters, what matters is also the future value it might have. Read more..

flats for sale in vizag

flats for sale in vizag

Property Registeration

Since cooperation is the key we assist you with finding, filing, complaining and registering documents regarding real estate with the government or any other administrative departments. Our highly qualified professionals give you personalized services in any possible location.

Legal assistance is must to have a trouble free property and with our team you find educated and qualified lawyers at your disposal. Our personalized registration services are aimed at giving you the best services in the easiest way possible in the cheapest cost.

From drafting complaints, to registering documents our professionals do it all. To keep you away from property related hassles our company employs these professional lawyers to get everything sorted for you even before you ask them to. Read more..

Thank you so much Eswari Homes. I had excellently experience.Mr. Bhanu Prasad sure if extremely good professional. he explained me Very good projects and value for money. he advised me through every step of the way and explain all of my questions. and he explained each and every project details

- Deekshitha gorla

This group is very useful for searching and buying a house. The houses they showed us are of affordable budget. they provided us with transport also. the person mani explained everything in most understanding way. Best group to prefer for buying a new house.

- Ramu G

Visited the property of this company i have a great experience with the them and their projects the price and project location are very good prime location very thankful for your service Mr venkatesh garu...

- Bhanu Sai Teja

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