Most Common Vaastu Tips for Your Home

Post on 28-Aug-2021.

Vaastu has become an indispensable concept for a home. The most common vaastu tips for your home are available anywhere online or with experts. The best way to acquire vaastu tips for your home is by consulting an expert.

Builders and realtors nowadays are mostly adhering to the common Vaastu requirements in their constructions. However, you can modify them according to your specifications by consulting with the engineers and builders.

To get a better understanding of the concept of Vaastu, let us delve into further details in this article.

There has always been a debate around the concept of “Vaastu”, whether or not it is valid or is it a pure science or pseudoscience. This concept can be better understood by understanding the scientific backing behind it. When Googled, you will find that Vaastu is the science of architecture. It is translated as the science of construction and architecture, following which gives your home better ventilation and gives you some peace of mind.

The earth is surrounded by energy sources like the sun, wind, water, and fire. The effect of sunlight, the flow of wind, etc influence our lives in the most unimaginable ways. Vaastu shastra is an ancient science that takes into consideration all the atmospheric factors, their effects on life and then gives the basic design of a perfect home.

With modernity and technology taking the main seat in our lives in the future, Vaastu Shastra has been believed to become redundant. However, considering the geography of the earth some principles remain true even today. Let us take a sneak peek into some of these principles which aid in leading a life in tranquility.

Vaastu Tip #1

The main entrance of your home is not just for people to enter and exit. It is believed to be meant for the flow of energies too. The ideal direction for the entrance of your home is north, east, and north-east. Make sure to buy a home that has either one of these faces. If you are buying a ready-to-move-in home, you can renovate to get the preferred direction for your home. The basic Vaastu tips for your home when adhered to can bring peace and happiness to you and your family.

Vaastu Tip #2

The shape of your rooms should be square or rectangular. They should be well-lit, airy, and spacious. The centre of the house should preferably be empty, to let in the positive energy. Heavy furniture like almirahs should be placed in the south-west direction. It is advised that water structures like plants, aquariums, water fountains, or even paintings depicting water be avoided in bedrooms. If you need to place a mirror in the bedroom, make sure it does not face the bed. Ensure that the dining space is near the kitchen and not near the main door.

Vaastu Tip #3

Did you know that each room in your house needs to be in a specific direction? Here are some common vaastu tips for your home on which direction each room should be in.

Kitchen: The ideal direction for a kitchen is south-east. It is a strict no-no if the kitchen is in the north. The south-east direction ensures proper ventilation and sunlight from all directions which are necessary for a kitchen.

Master Bedroom: According to the most basic Vaastu tips for your home, the master bedroom must be in the south-west direction. It should never be in the south-east direction as the direction is dominated by the fire element.

Kids’ Bedroom: The kids’ bedroom must also face the south-west direction. Make sure they sleep with their heads in the south or west direction for a healthy body and peaceful mind.

Bathrooms: According to Vaastu shastra, the toilet should be in the west or north-west direction. Avoid purchasing homes that have toilets placed in other directions as there are no remedies for removing the negative doshas that come with the placement, according to Vaastu shastra.

Vaastu Tip #4

The overhead water tank placement in the west or south-west direction is the most important of the Vaastu tips for your home. If it is placed in the south-west direction, make sure it is 2 feet above the ground.

Vaastu Tip #5

Vaastu experts believe that the septic tank harnesses negative energy, as the waste from the kitchen and toilets is flushed into it. As per the Vaastu tips for your home, it should be placed only in the north-west direction. It should not touch the compound wall.

Vaastu Shastra emphasizes that every structure reverberates with energy as the earth is surrounded by resources like fire, water and other elements. Vaastu aims at eliminating negative energy and bring in positive energy to your home. Now that we have seen the basic Vaastu tips for your home, let us understand why Vaastu shastra is important for your new home.

●     Improving Financial Prosperity

●     Aiding in Career Stability

●     Helping in good physical and mental health

●     Improving interpersonal relationships

●     Academic development

As per Vaastu the earth is made up of 5 elements- fire, water, wind, earth and space. The balance of these elements in your home is supposed to bring positive energy and good vibrations to you and your family. Let us now see the dominant directions of each of these elements-

●     Earth- Prithvi- Its dominant traits are providing patience and stability. It dominates every center and every corner of your home.

●     Air- Vayu- It is believed to bring joy and happiness. It dominates the East direction.

●     Space- Akasha- Its dominant direction is the West for its traits are cognitive energy and mental space.

●     Fire- Agni- It represents money, success, and confidence. Its dominant direction is the South.

●     Water- Jal- It is the elixir of life. It is hence associated with health and immunity. Its dominant direction is the North.

It is not possible for every builder to adhere to these common vaastu tips for your home. But if you believe in Vaastu Shastra, then you can renovate the home according to your specifications or request the builder to make a few modifications to suit your needs.

The Vaastu Shastra experts believe that following the basic Vaastu tips for your home ensures peace and prosperity. For you to attain the best in life, they believe that following the Vaastu tips for a happy home is necessary. Vaastu Shastra takes into account the measurements, design, and layout and gives you the best Vaastu advice for apartments or individual houses.

Whether or not you believe in Vaastu Shastra there are certain do’s and don’ts while constructing a house. Following these tips helps you build a home that makes your life easy and happy. Contact us for more details on how we find the best homes that suit your needs.

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