Importance of Investing in Real Estate 2021!

Post on 04-March-2021.


India is the seventh-largest country in the world with a total area of 32,87,263 KM.

As per the census India report In 1920 the Indian population was 318 million whereas in 2020 it is 1.38 billion.

The land is the same but there is a huge hike in population, increasing population equally influencing the demand for land in India, that is why every year on average land values are multiplying like anything.

The average income of an Indian farmer is 77k per year but the 1-acre land costing a minimum to minimum 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs and the maximum's reaching more than a crore. The outcome from land is crop it's 77k but the value of land is unimaginable in India.

Whereas if we observe in the cities like metropolitan the average 100 Square yards house is costing minimum to minimum 50 lakhs to 1 crore. The statistics might show wrong but if you enquire a normal person in your locality you will get the same figures.

So there is a huge scope in investing your money in Real Estate.

Importance of Investing In Real Estate:

The real estate sector is the second largest employer of India after agriculture and

The contribution of the real estate sector to India's gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated to increase by 13% in 2025.

[  ] Assured Returns:

If you invest money in land or property there is an assurance that it will grow in a year. The land value increase and in the meanwhile, you can earn capital revenue every month through rent.

[  ] Exemption from Income Tax:

There are many perks of tax benefits while investing in Real Estate. You can gain tax deductions as well you can show it as maintenance cost and decrease your taxes for the very long term.

After year's of purchasing a property, you can show the cost of the asset has decreased its value and reap the benefits of tax exemption.

[  ] Appreciation:

When you buy a property that might costed 10 lakhs but there are many chances for change in market rate within a year. The market rate might increase a certain percentage to give great appreciation.

[  ] Cash Flows:

Generating income from an asset and pay in the mortgage amount is what makes a person earn extra cash flows. This is a clever option for people who wants to purchase a house and earn income out of it.

[  ] Increase Equity and wealth

When you purchase a house on a loan you're investing in real equity. As time flows your capital will turn your asset and you earn property and get benefits of cash flows from the property.

[  ] Investment Diversified:

As per investment management statistics investing in real estate assets has lesser risk than any other equity or share market. As you go on with lesser investment in the short period your asset will turn double in years.

[  ]  Real estate property advantage:

If you're trying to apply for a bank loan by mortgaging your property then the bank can provide up to 80% of the loan on your property value. It is used as collateral and termed as the real asset.

[  ] Conclusion:

As the increasing population influencing the land rates that is why there are many advantages correlated with investing money in the Real Estate sector.

Moving forward in the coming years the prices will be unstoppable and the land is the new gold mine and living in the own house termed as a royal legacy in future.

Start investing in the real estate sector to generate high income and live a happy lifestyle.

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