Housing Societies Must Take these Precautions to Flight Against Corona virus.

Post on 19-May-2021.

Home is the only safest place in this pandemic. Wearing mask, keeping social distance and working from home is the new ways of leading a life in this hard times of life.

Do you think is your housing society is safe? You're sharing your space with hundreds of families, if one person gets covid then everyone will be in danger, that is why either it might be apartment or housing society like Gated community everyone should be careful and maintain social distance as well wearing a mask is strict and compulsory.

Let's follow the following precautions to safeguard your home and your neighborhood from Covid-19 especially in your housing society.

Installing Sanitization Spots At Entry & Exit Places:

Everyone should need to posses hand sanitizers but it's not practically happening that is why Housing Societies must and should place sanitization spots in the entry and exit spots so that whoever comes in and goes out they will undergo through sanitization and half of the risk will be reduce then and there. Covid-19 is contagious so if we eradicate by hand sanitizing that will be great thing for your locality.

Maintaining Social Distance:

Sports clubs, parks walkways everything should be closed for some time during in this lock down period, until the situation comes into our control we should maintained strict social distancing otherwise it is impossible to control covid-19 in the Housing Societies.

Regular Disinfection and Temperature Checkups in the society.

Healthy and hygiene environment will be make a best place to live in that is why daily or weekly housing societies should disinfectionate the surroundings like benches, staircases, parking places etc. In that way the cause of effect will be reduced and your neighborhood will be safe to live.

Whoever coming inside either a housing society member or someone who is coming for delivery, if we check his normal temperature it will definitely eradicate the pandemic to come into your way.

Let's Stop Outsiders:

This is a bad phase of world, it's better not to welcome anybody at this moment of time because covid-19 is contagious and it will come from human to human when they touch, sneeze even when they talk. That is why we can not trust anybody in this situation. Let's try to stop until everybody gets vaccinated.

Essential Supply To Whole Society:

In your Housing Society there will be members like president and vice president. Form them and arrange a virtual meeting for food essentials to all the residents, so that nobody will go out. In this way people can be safe and they get essentials easily.

Conducting Medical Checkups:

Housing Societies must take medical checkups because it's a group of residents we can not believe who has and who doesn't have infected with Covid-19. That is why it's always good to take medical checkups in this way, Housing Societies like apartments will be safe to live.


Being safe is the first and foremost important thing when you live in Housing Societies. Make sure to follow the above rules so that everything will go in a right way. We hope for better tomorrow for that lets live and let's follow the restrictions in this lockdown.

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